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Project Description

Our project is all about equipping teens with the proper tools and training to become local media experts. Teens would first be taught the proper way to film and utilize equipment. Newly acquired skills will be used to film news segments and short documentaries focusing on the teen experience in Lafayette.

The goal of our project is to create something that Lafayette teens will be proud of. The first phase of the program will be training and discovery. One group of students will be trained by Mark Tassin on the filming and production aspect of media. He will offer training on camera functions, lighting, video editing and scriptwriting. The second set of training will be for students who choose to be in front of the camera. This will include creative writing, Digital Storytelling (partnering with Acadiana Open Channel) and the creation of storyboards. We anticipate that students will struggle to articulate their experience as a result of not having the opportunity to express it before. We hope to explore creative ways to help them find their voice.

Students will need to commit to two areas that they will become experts in before we begin preproduction of the Teen Tales Documentary. Students will refine their skills of media production by shooting and editing biweekly news clips for the Clearport Learning Center. This will allow them to refine skills in preparation for the Documentary.

The Clearport Learning Center will host a screening of the Teen Tales Documentary that will be open to students and community members.


Project Details

Team Leader: Raquel Henry
Funded Date: November 9, 2019
Funding Amount: $3,000
Location: Lafayette, LA



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