Who are we?

We’re a small group of friends from Lafayette, LA. We love watching people get excited about community. We work hard. Have big hearts. And believe that citizens can do more to change their spaces.

How’d we get here?

We started out as a “community” crowdfunding website in 2012 called civicside, and have since morphed into the 24HCP concept. We launched our first 24HCP event in 2016, and have since committed to doing it annually, and sharing the concept with other cities who may want to organize their own event.


Things We Do

Community Outreach

We want the 24HCP to reach all people in the community. That’s why we have a team specifically designed for outreach.

Project Management

While citizens are responsible for their own projects, we still do our part to keep them on task, and track their progress.

Event Planning

The 24HCP has many moving parts. Our event team plans the event so that everyone involved can enjoy the experience.


We want everyone to know about the 24HCP. That’s why we market the concept to our followers.

Where do we spend our time?

  • Recruiting Ideas 50% 50%
  • Tracking Project’s Progress 30% 30%
  • Planning the 24 Hour Citizen Project 20% 20%
  • Having Fun 100% 100%