Here's what happens during the 24 Hour Citizen Project

Friday: Dream it.

1.) Learn From Experts

Meet with the people in the community who know how to push your project forward.

3.) Finalize Pitch Presentation

Once your work is done, make any last minute changes to your pitch presentation.

2.) Get To Work

Your project’s direction may change after meeting with the experts.

4.) Late Night Networking With Teams

Share what you’ve learned with other projects. Be prepared to stay up late because it’s a great time.

Saturday: Pitch it. Fund it.

1.) Social Hour

The audience arrives, and gets to visit with all the Citizen Teams to learn about your cool projects.

3.) Announce Winners

The Backers have a brief huddle to discuss all the pitches, and choose the projects to be funded.

2.) Pitch

This is what your team has been working towards for the past 24 hours. You’ll have 3 minutes to pitch your project to the Backers and the audience.

4.) Celebrate

The 24HCP is a celebration of community, and the willingness of citizens to care about their public spaces. Plan to celebrate together once the hard work is over!