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Commit to giving your knowledge, and sign up to join our community roster of Experts. 


Throughout the year, the 24HCP recruits ideas to participate in an annual pitch event. Once those ideas are selected, we’ll choose the Experts that can help the ideas along. 


Before or during the 24HCP event, we will pair you with a Citizen Team if they need your help. 

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The Experts

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Who makes a good Expert?

  • Mentors: Anyone who wants to serve as a mentor to a team.
  • Subject Matter Expert:  Anyone who is willing to share their knowledge.
  • Critical Reviewer: Teams want unfiltered/critical feedback. If you got it, we want you to share it.  
  • Local Government Officials: Community projects often require approval or permission. Also, local government representatives bring experience to pursuing projects that benefit the community.
  • Community Organizers: It takes one to know one. Community organizers often know the avenues to get things done.

Expert FAQs

Before The Event

What is an Expert?

We admit… The term “expert” may leave some people feeling left out. The truth is that the “expert” can be anyone who feels that they can contribute, even in a small way. Every community project needs advice and guidance. Whether it be an attorney providing legal advice, a local government official, a designer on aesthetics, a handyman on how to build something, or just someone to give you critical feedback. Be a resource to the citizens who may (or may not) need you depending on what you know, and how you can help. You can do this by being available to the citizen teams before and during the event.

Participating is easy:

  1. Tell us how you can contribute by signing up
  2. We’ll add you to our Expert Roster.
  3. We’ll assign you to a team if your expertise is needed (before or during the event)
Why are Experts needed?
We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village…” And when it comes to pursuing community projects, that is also true. There are citizens in the community that have great ideas, but need the expertise, advice and permission to get it done. Experts are a key factor to the success of a project.
I'm ready to get started... how do I sign up?
Easy. Here is the link to sign up. Remember, we only contact you if a project needs your help.
Once I sign up as an Expert, what happens next?
Just sit back and wait for us to contact you. Experts are used more often leading up to the 24HCP, or during the actual event.
Do I prepare for meetings with the Citizen Teams?
Nope. Not unless the Citizen Team has requested something specific.

During The Event

What happens on Friday night?
Friday night is for Citizen Teams and Experts only (Backers Optional). This portion of the event is not open to the public.
  • 5:00PM – Citizen Team Meeting/Review of Registration Packet (Citizen Teams only)
  • 6:00PM – Experts arrive. Social begins. Refreshments served.
  • 6:45PM – Expert/Citizen Team meetings begin
  • 9:30PM – Last expert meeting ends. Teams can continue to work on as needed basis.

(Times approximate)

The goal of the night is to pair teams with subject matter experts that will help the projects along. By the end of Friday night, the team will be fully prepared for their pitch on Saturday. At the conclusion of the night, teams will have the option to utilize the venue as a work place. Some teams may need to use it, while others not.
What happens on Saturday evening?
At this point, the Expert’s jobs are done (usually), and can sit back and watch the Citizen Teams pitch their ideas to a panel of Backers for funding.
Can I just attend even though a team didn't need me?
Of course! Come sit back, have some fun, and join the party. Be prepared to show your support to the Citizen Teams through lots of cheering, yelling, hugs, and high fives. We treat the event as a celebration of community. You should too!

After The Event

How do I keep following the progress of the teams?
Updates will be published in a series of “Dear Community” letters written by the project’s Team Leader (on a quarterly basis). The letters are intended to be a letter to the community  providing an update on the project. The letters will be used by the 24HCP to publish updates about the projects to our website, social media accounts and blogs used for media outlets.
What happens after the event is over?
We keep you on our Expert roster, and will contact you if needed during the next event (assuming that’s cool with you.) If you want to be taken off of the roster, just let us know.
Will there be other events like this?
Absolutely. Our goal is to continue this event so that we (you) can continue to activate citizens to do good work.

Expert Sign Up

Expert Sign Up