Dear Community,
We’re still tired, yet feeling grateful. WOW! Festival International just ended as you know. We saw many of you there which was freaking awesome. Without you, we wouldn’t have a safe space (Zone Detente) at festival. Without 24CP, we could not have elevated what we had from last year. SIGNAGE! This was part of our ask so that felt good to be able to showcase some of that. Shout out to MakeMade for making that happen. Being about to educate people that stopped by the space with proper signage felt very fulfilling and necessary. And of course increased audience knowing what we do and our goal(s) are. We are happy to say that there were 6 autistic people and many more with sensory challenges that were part of our volunteer team.

Current: We are in works for buying a 10 x 20 tent with The Beluga Project logo that is durable enough for multiple seasons, not just one. We are working on setting up a system where individuals can rent our equipment for a price at their event. We will have different tiers from just renting equipment, us going to set it up and us providing the people power for the space. We need to keep funds coming into the project, so this is road where we are just arriving at the intersection. Any thoughtful suggestions would be gladly received from our community

We are in talks with another team from our cohort, Team Inclusive Prom, to put a space at Pride Acadiana 2023. Thanks Wendy and their squad for getting this going! Appreciate y’all. Appreciate everyone who came by the space at Festival. From Butch and his family to you reading this, we were so happy that you stopped by. This is just the beginning. The space is one thing…the education to our community and beyond is the ultimate goal. See you at Pride! Love you all. Now…it’s time for us to rest and return.

– Team Sensory Safe Spaces by The Beluga Project