Mad Thinkers Update #4

Mad Thinkers Update #4

Dear Community,

Our second workshop on July 12, 2022, was a success! We partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana this time! We had about 12 kiddos participate, and we had a blast doing improv exercises, learning about theatre, creating our script, rehearsing and performing for family! The 3 hours FLEW by!

We held our first workshop in partnership with New Hope Community Development Center on April 5 & 6, 2022. The workshop consisted of 2 fun-filled days including a crash course in theatre, improv exercises, team building, creative writing, script rehearsal and performance! 

I am currently arranging a third workshop with Erica Fox at Attakapas Collective. Located in Freetown, it has a multi-arts focus. We are excited to give the neighborhood something fun and creative to do! 

Two new teachers observed and trained while I taught this second workshop. My plan is to hand the reigns over to them during future workshops!

Thanks to Jill LeBlanc, an amazing volunteer, for taking photos at our BBBS workshop! I am including a few with this letter.

Our team would again like to thank 24HCP and the community for the support we’ve received. We look forward to continuing to fulfill our goals and serving the youth of Acadiana through our love of the arts!

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Many thanks,
Allison Brandon & The Mad Thinkers