Barbers, Boys, and Books

TEAM Barbershop Boys for Literacy

Project Description

The 100 Black Men of Greater Lafayette (BMOGL) is a mentoring organization charter in 2009. The mission of the 100 BMOGL is to improve the quality of life for the communities we serve. As stated, mentoring is at the core service of the organization as we work to influence and transform the lives of underrepresented and disenfranchised youths, with the focus on African American youths. The programs of the 100 BMOGL are based upon our National Campaign “Four for the Future”: Mentoring, Education, Health and Wellness, and Economic Empowerment. It is within those areas of work, the 100 BMOGL decided to launch an initiative to improve the literacy within the community called- Barbers, Boys and Books- Barbershop Mini Library.

Reading is paramount to the educational success of our kids. For students experiencing poverty, reading levels are stunningly low. Study shows that theirs a correlation between reading level and income. Higher income is linked to higher literacy. We aim to increase the literacy rate by placing a mini library in barbershops throughout the north side of Lafayette. The libraries will include age appropriate books for elementary and middle school age kids. A crafty design holder for the books will be built to place in the barbershop/beauty salons.

Barbershops and beauty salons have been special places for the Black Community for years. It’s more than just a business for entrepreneurs. It’s a place to meet and discuss community issues, family matters, and so much more. Young and old visit barbershops which usually extend well over an hour per appointment. The expanded time allotment provides ample opportunity for kids to grab a book and read.

The additional exposure to reading will increase literacy rate and optimistically improve socioeconomic status over time. Therefore, improving their quality of life through a good education.

Project Details

Team Leader: Alton Trahan
Funded Date: November 11, 2023
Amount: $3,750
Location: Lafayette, LA

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