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Project Description

The Freetown Community Sound Lab wishes to document 45 field recordings of 1st person community narratives and to engage residents to be the authors of their own stories. This initiative will teach residents not only to capture their stories but will create a living sound capsule of cultural expression for years to come.

Maison Freetown’s Community Sound Lab wishes to encourage the idea that everyone’s story matters and to build connections. Valuable oral traditions such as storytelling, language-based narratives, songs and other expressions are vital to our Louisiana culture. These recordings will be collected at the digital lab housed within Lafayette’s cultural museum, Maison Creole de Freetown. These recordings will be made available to the public on an online platform.

These 1-minute audio snippets will act as a living historical record for future learning and heritage preservation. We wish to empower citizens to share their experiences and to make this information easily accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Through digital innovation, we aim to quickly gather stories of our culture bearers, especially our seniors and to help remedy a critical concern regarding the posterity of historical data of under-represented communities or marginalized people.

We hope the sound lab recordings will provide a comprehensive glimpse of our Lafayette neighbors, and highlight Acadiana’s unique community “voices” in perpetuity.

Project Details

Team Leader: Erica Fox
Funded Date: November 5, 2022
Amount: $3,288
Location: Lafayette, LA



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Dear Community Letters

Project Updates

Freetown Sound Lab Update #3

Freetown Sound Lab Update #3

Dear Community, We are elated about the progress we are making with our community sound recordings. We are still busy gathering stories and have heard from some very interesting individuals. Our latest project and perhaps most ambitious, is that of 103 year old WW2...

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Freetown Sound Lab Update #2

Freetown Sound Lab Update #2

Dear Community,  The Freetown Sound Lab has already hit the ground running with 5 in-person interviews of neighborhood citizens. We’ve already started to capture some amazing stories such as the Black Baseball League in Lafayette and The Circus Comes to Town, to...

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Freetown Sound Lab Update #1

Freetown Sound Lab Update #1

Dear Community,  It's The Freetown Sound Lab!! We're still riding high from the 24 Hr Citizen event and enjoyed working alongside some pretty amazing folks...all of whose stories we plan to capture! We were awarded our request to create a digital sound lab...

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