M.I.Brary: Musical Instrument Library

Project Description

Team”M.I.Brary” was funded $5,000 during the 24 Hour Citizen Project in 2017 to build a musical instrument library. According to project creator, Ryan Cazares, a”M.I.Brary” is a place where musicians or prospective musicians can check out various musical instruments, much like they can a book at a traditional library. This project speaks to the heart of musicians, and prospective musicians who want to try an instrument without the up front cost burden of purchasing it.

The MIBrary will help address a few problems with connecting musicians with instruments:

1.) Musicians will not be faced with the financial burden of renting or purchasing an instrument.
2.) Musicians who want to try an instrument will not have to commit to it should they end up not enjoying the chosen instrument.
3.) Recording artists who may want to sample a particular instrument will have easy access to several instruments while in the recording process.

It is our hope that providing musicians and prospective musicians with the ability to check out instruments will help sustain Lafayette’s musical culture and create musicians who may have never had access to musical instruments.

Project Details

Team Leader Ryan Cazares
Funded Date July 29, 2017
Location: Lafayette, LA



(% completed since funding)



Dear Community Letters

Project Update


MIBRARY Final Update

MIBRARY Final Update

Dear Community, We did it! Lafayette Community M.I.Brary launched on Monday, July 2, 2018. 19 musical instruments are housed at the Clifton Chenier Center branch of the Lafayette Public Library. Within days of the launch, nearly all instruments were...

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MIBRARY Update #3

MIBRARY Update #3

Dear Community, The Lafayette Community M.I.Brary is set to launch on June 27, 2018 with a preview day at Clifton Chenier Center in Lafayette from 5-7PM. Check out the Facebook event here. Lafayette will soon thereafter be able to check instruments out...

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MIBRARY Update #2

MIBRARY Update #2

Dear Community, Since our last update, Team MIBrary has made tremendous progress. We have an official location: the Downtown Lafayette Public Library! Our launch date is forthcoming, but we anticipate late spring or early summer 2018. To date, Team MIBrary...

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