Recovery Garden

Project Description

The birth of the ‘Recovery Garden’ comes from Project Leader, Adrian Perron, who believed that growing a garden was in itself, a form of therapy for his clients suffering from addiction. The project was funded $2,000 during the 24 Hour Citizen Project in 2016.  Crops produced from the garden benefit St. Joseph’s Diner, whose focus is to feed the hungry.


The St. Joseph Diner Garden Project is a collaborative project between Catholic Services of Acadiana and Acadiana Recovery Center.  This project has a goal of taking the garden that is at Catholic Services of Acadiana and redeveloping it into a sustainable garden that provides produce that can be used to feed the homeless population of Lafayette, Louisiana. Currently, the garden is in a state of disrepair and needs the aid of the community. The St. Joseph Diner Garden was built in 2012. There are approximately sixteen planter boxes, as well as, fruit trees planted along the perimeter. St. Joseph Diner serves over 100,000 meals a year to the homeless living on the streets and to those living in the shelter. The St. Joseph Diner is open 364 days a year.

Project Details

Team Leader Adrian Perron
Funded Date July 23, 2016
Location: Lafayette, LA


(% completed since funding)


Dear Community Letters

Project Updates

Even Great Projects Fail: The Recovery Garden

Even Great Projects Fail: The Recovery Garden

The 24 Hour Citizen Project (24HCP) Team is always learning, always growing, and never excited to see a project’s community impact halted for any reason. But, we also believe in being as honest and transparent as possible, and we know that not all projects are going...

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Recovery Garden Update #2

As of Spring 2017, this project is completed. The garden is maintained by the Acadiana Recovery Center, and all crops are donated to St. Josephs’s Diner to feed the poor.

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Recovery Garden Update #1

The project is on track to begin planting this spring. We have reached out to the LSU Ag Center for assistance. There have been challenges along the way. Acadiana Recovery Center is in the process of having new management, which has...

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