Sensory Grooves

TEAM Sensory Grooves

Project Description

It’s time to turn up the volume on Autism acceptance during Sensory Grooves, a silent dance for developmentally disabled children in Acadiana!
 Everyone is like a unique sound wave that comes from the rhythm of a song. Although different, they want the same thing: To be loved and accepted for who they are. The genres are eclectic, but they’re worth the listen. 
This event will bring an overlooked community together for one memorable evening. It provides an opportunity for those who are physically and emotionally unable to attend dances a chance to dance. Whether with their best friends or new friends made at the event. More importantly, it gives them a chance to participate in a traditional activity in an inclusive setting.

Now, let’s give these children the chance to buy a pretty dress, get a nice suit, and have fun in an environment that welcomes them. Let’s make it special for parents to see their child dressed up, ready for that photo op beforehand to hang on the wall. Let’s make it a place where inclusion means every child can be themselves. And let’s make it a night filled with excitement, celebration, and lots of dancing (to the beat of their own headphones)! Sensory Grooves … A silent night with a loud impact.

Project Details

Team Leader: Kelly Landry
Funded Date: November 11, 2023
Amount: $3,500
Location: Lafayette, LA

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