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A Silent Disco Prom will be a night for our autism and special education needs population to feel accepted, understood, and celebrated. Sensory Grooves will be an evening devoted entirely to helping individuals 14-18 years of age enjoy a traditional prom experience in an inclusive environment that feels safe and friendly.

Sensory Grooves participants will feel like prom royalty as they will control their experience, making it as unique as each of them. Participants will receive wireless headphones customized at a constant volume level featuring three different audio channels. These three channels allow participants to volley back and forth between three song choices from three DJs, all by clicking a button on their headphones. This control factor helps each participant feel more included and immerses them in a socially positive group experience.

Suppose participants sense they need a break from all the fun of dancing. In that case, they can still listen and observe or remove the headphones and have a conversation, never missing a moment of the grand experience of their evening. Having choices extends a safety factor, minimizing sensory overload and providing a successful and memorable evening. 

Sensory Grooves participants will experience the feeling of being included and allowing each to celebrate and have fun together to the beat of their own headphones!

Project Details

Team Leader: Kelly Landry
Funded Date: November 11, 2023
Amount: $3,500
Location: Lafayette, LA


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Dear Community Letters

Project Updates

Sensory Grooves Update #2

Sensory Grooves Update #2

Dear Groovy Community, Since you last heard from us in December, Team Sensory Grooves has been “strutting our stuff” in preparation for the grooviest night coming in Acadiana - Sensory Grooves: Silent Disco Prom! We look forward to celebrating our sensory and...

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Sensory Grooves Update #1

Sensory Grooves Update #1

Dear Groovy Community, Thank you are two of the most simplistic words that are written in this moment filled with such sincere gratitude. Team Sensory Grooves is beyond grateful to you for opening doors and entrusting us to showcase the need for acceptance and...

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