Dear Community,

Since we embarked on the necessary mission of putting a cover at every bus stop, the community has backed this effort. We now receive pictures of people waiting for the bus in the elements including the hot sun, rain and cold wind. It is heartbreaking. And more and more people are taking notice and refusing to accept this for our own community. We had our first Citizen Bus Stop Task Force meeting a little over two years ago, when there were much less people taking notice or looking to get involved to address this issue. We spent this time learning, listening and understanding how our transit system works, where bus stops are located, how many shelters we already have, how we get more, what they cost, how they are installed and what issues are preventing shelters at all stops. Sometimes, we learned it’s funding. Other times we learned it was right of way issues. But because of citizens like you, through the 24Hour Citizen Project, we had $5,000 to get to work, while we were listening, learning and understanding.

What we had was the ability to not only create a more affordable bus stop that takes up less right of way, but because we took the time to understand the bus system, we could create a better bus stop. We teamed up with local artist, CeCe Cole and local architect and artist, Joel Breaux and designed a lean, replicable, sustainable, creative, safe and durable bus shelter. The $5,000 grant will go to the research and development and building the first prototype to be installed with LCG Public Works to test in the elements and adhere to all of their safety requirements. We are nearing the sourcing of the components we need to construct that prototype. However, in the meantime, we will be hosting another Citizen Bus Stop Task Force meeting in March. All are welcome.

Kate Durio (Team Leader)