Dear Community,

We’ve found ourselves a little backed up given the weather situation over the last couple of months. Who would have thought we’d experience rain for the basically all of December? Follow that up with two hard freezes, a cracked pipe, and brutally cold wind to buff walls. Well then, my community, you have yourselves our starting point. But we’re not going to let the weather hold us back any longer!

We’ve starting prepping the walls. Our first artist has sketched her first lines, our visiting artist, Nicky Davis, will be painting from February 22-26, 2018 due to Mardi Gras rain delays. All other local artists have met with the project director and have even raided her paint stash ;-). Now that the weather is leveling out we aim to have these murals completed in no time at all. All 24 Hour Citizen Project funds have been expended at this point. Our hard deadline is 2018, but we anticipate that everything will be completed by April 2018 – in time for Festival International.

Susan David (Team Leader)