Dear community,

The Safe-Pass-Under-Pass (SPUP) now has a estimated completion date of June 1, 2018, and now that we understand (and are completing) the processes for changing up roadway that is managed by the state. We’re working with LAND Architecture on submitting the necessary paperwork to DOTD, allowing us to do a complete vegetative enhancement to the area surrounding SPUP, and are estimating to break ground on those improvements this spring. We’re working with LUS on replacing and enhancing the lighting under the overpass. The lights that have been ordered are on back-order; however, we expect to have those installed within the next 6 weeks. As we near action on those two fronts, we’ve begun interviewing local artists who will help create a visual aesthetic that will transform the SPUP from tunnel of gloom to an inviting pathway. This enhancement is becoming available to us following the acquisition of matching funds from the state, the disposal of which (as it relates to timing) is to be determined. All-in-all, we’re excited to project a completion by this summer’s Mickey’s Loop Ride. Be well, and thanks for staying engaged.

Team Leader (Mark DeClouet)