Dear Community,

As of November 1st, The BARE Walls program has officially LAUNCHED! Our website is now live, and we are pushing to get as many artists and businesses involved as possible. We already have over 20 artists as part of our roster and pushing for many more to apply. As for the businesses, we will be presenting our portfolio of artwork to the 3 commitments and put the artwork on their BARE walls within the next few weeks. Our launch coincided with the Innovation Conference which was held at the Opportunity Machine within the LITE Center. The BARE Walls team installed 13 pieces of artwork throughout the facility which was very well received by both those working and visiting the space.

Basin Arts Director, Clare Cook, participated in several panel discussions about the CREATE Initiative representing BARE Walls and Basin Arts and we are receiving very positive feedback about the program’s ability to support artists financially and also fill a need in the business community. And to top off the week, we had our first artwork to SELL in the program shortly after the launch! Our next steps include continuing to increase our artist roster and to begin to meet with potential businesses about signing up for the program. We are aiming to have our first set of businesses up and running by January.

Sincerely, Dirk Guidry BARE Walls Program Manager