Dear Community,

Growth has been our mantra at BARE Walls in 2019. We now have 4 businesses subscribing to the program: CENTRAL Pizza & Bar, Opportunity Machine, Acadian Superette, and Scott Eye Care. BARE Walls has also acquired 27 artist members, offering businesses over 230 pieces of art to select from. Each of these pieces is currently viewable and available for purchase on our website, More business and artist contracts are in the works, giving us the potential to share more local art with Acadiana this spring and summer.

BARE Walls is currently pursuing more business subscriptions through educational events, community engagement, and press coverage. In February, the program hosted a business symposium and breakfast at Acadian Superette. Interested businesses and artists were invited to ask questions, discuss details of the program, and have a breakfast on BARE Walls! Over 20 Acadiana business and creative leaders joined us for the event. On March 14, we participated in the 3rd annual Robideaux Report by both providing artwork and engaging community leaders. Most recently, BARE Walls was featured in the cover story of the March 21st edition of Times of Acadiana. This comprehensive article by Sarah K. Wood discusses the value of the program, how to sign up, and everything in between. BARE Walls will continue to engage the creative and entrepreneurial communities of Acadiana in the coming months.

Thus far, BARE Walls has provided financial support and exposure for many local artists, even facilitating the sales of over 5 pieces. We won’t let our growth stop here. We have hired a student intern to assist with the operations of the program and will continue to grow our BARE Walls family in any way that we can. Through our targeted marketing and press strategies, we hope to gain 3 more business subscriptions as we enter the summer months. For more information on the growth and progress of our program, check out our new blog at

Thank you 24 Hour Citizen for making our community-centered program possible, and thank you Acadiana for growing along with us!

Dirk Guidry BARE Walls Program Manager