Dear Community,

We are excited to announce…… IT’S TIME TO START PAINTING!!!! April 11th-14th Justin will be partnering with Susan David Director of Freetown Studios and volunteers from our community to install Eyes of the Sun mural at Meche’s Donuts on Willow street. We will hosts 2 additional design workshops with New Hope youth at JC James Recreation Center to finalize the King Center mural. We can’t wait to gather their final thoughts!. Painting will begin at Martin Luther King Recreation Center in May- TBA on Eyes of the Sun Project Facebook page.

Justin and Alex have met diligently over the last few weeks reviewing our community submissions. In our workshops, we studied the Eyes of the Sun poem to create images that help visualize the authors intention and conversations about how best to teach and impact future generations. The common voice amongst community and incarcerated youth participants spoke of need for motivation, reminders of our endurance, our likenesses, differences, and our love for family and our culture. Justin said he is ready to paint and offer our volunteers a guided experience in creating art!

Our team and community volunteers will prepare (pressure wash, etc) each location for mural installation. We are excited to be a part of revitalizing our community. Collaborating with Blaine Peltier – Meche’s Donut King, Royal Hill – LCG Parks & Recreation Director and Kevin Guidry- MLK Rec Director has been a wonderful experience. We would like to say thank you for building with the Eyes of the Sun team. We are grateful for your mentorship and support.

Let’s get to painting!!!

Blessings, Alex ‘PoeticSoul’ Johnson
(Eyes of the Sun Team)