Dear Community,

It has been a long while since we last spoke, and while it may seem like not much has happened, we finally have some good news. Both DOTD and the city have approved the final stage of our project, and we are now are coordinating with LAND for implementation of the vegetative design. We are very optimistic that the vegetation portion of the project will be completed by years end, and are thankful to the backers and community for their patience.

A list of accomplishments to date:

1.     Lighting has been installed, so crossing the SPUP at night can be done with lighting.

2.     LAND has completed the vegetative design, and we’re coordinating with them and the city on implementation, hopefully by years end.

3.     Any matching funds received from the state will go towards continued beautification of the SPUP, with artists and designs currently under consideration

We’ll continue to keep the community updated as things progress.


Team “SPUP”