Dear Community,

There is no doubt that the 24-Hour Citizen Project was one of our team’s most memorable moments in 2019. Within the last few weeks we have made some progress and are excited to share with you some things we’ve learned.

Let’s start with the great news first. We held our first class on December 6, in partnership with AOC and it was a huge success! Christi Tracie taught a media literacy course focusing on perspective. 30 teens participated in the class. Christi was able to keep the class exciting by having an interactive presentation and ending with challenges for the students to compete in. We were able to use staff members phones for challenges when taking pictures.

Before the actual class, we started off with addressing a few challenges. We didn’t have as much time to organize and schedule the first class as we originally thought. This was a result of us working with a 2-week window instead of 4 weeks for December, due to the Holiday and competing school events. This is something we will need to consider for upcoming classes. Secondly, although the students enjoyed the class and took several photos, they were apprehensive with sharing it with the public. Their reasoning was that “The internet trolls aren’t kind”. The students feel the pressure of look 100% on point, needing a picture without a hair out of place. I hope that we can break them out of being afraid of sharing. Thirdly, we designed our courses to be with 4-5 students, based on the first course we may need to offer it to more students initially.

As of now, we have stayed on course with our time. Our next steps include purchasing software and Equipment, creating Engaging challenges for the January class, and deciding on a platform to share our video updates.

That’s all for now, looking forward to giving you an update after the next classes is offered.

Thank you again for your support,

Team Kids N Media