Dear Community,

We at Veggies on the Go are hard at work with our project. Everything is flowing smoothly except for the bike and trailer. We could not find a bike and trailer within our budget so I did some research and found a gentleman in New Orleans who’s custom making them for us.

We put in the application to accept the EBT card and also created an account to be able to accept different forms of payment. I created a l3c for the project it’s called Veggies on the Go l3c. A l3c company is considered a low non-profit organization. Michelle is creating our pay it forward board along with healthy information. Kimba is creating our healthy menu’s.

I created a Facebook page and got a web page name. The name on Facebook is Veggies on the Go, I’ve been posting helpful articles and letting everyone know about our project. I also created, I haven’t posted to it yet because I’m still learning about this process, but will start soon. Since the growing season for okra is over I harvested some of the okra, dried them and created some seed pack to give to customer so that they may grow their own okra.

I’ve been going to the Makers Market at the library creating decals and coasters to give to future customers. I will also be making signage and aprons for our project. I’m in the process branding our project.

The bike and trailer was ordered today the gentleman in New Orleans will have the trailer ready within two weeks and the bike by the end of January. We had to get McComb Veazy Coterie to advance a check to pay for the bike until the checks are disburse.

When we receive the check we will reimburse the McComb Veazy Coterie the money they advance for the bike and also order the POS system and get the insurance.

We will be working on the routes and the plans to kick of our first Sunday Produce is on schedule. First Sunday Produce will be at the corner of 12th St and Magnolia St. the morning of March 1, 2020. We will have produce to sell along with samples of the produce and helpful information and menus. Our team would like to thank the Community and the 24HCP for supporting us. We are very honored to have been chosen to help our community.

Trincella Bonnet
Team Leader