Dear Community,

We are excited to announce that we have officially begun installing the Eyes of the Sun mural at Martin Luther King Center. Our team is working diligently to achieve our goals in a timely manner despite rainy days. Support from locals in the Truman community has been extremely motivational. We are stopped by all daily by people of all ages complimenting the progress our team has made. We want to thank our youth community for taking the time to help us clean up our work areas!

We have also gained two new visual artist volunteers. Dorian and Ricky have been a great asset in helping Justin execute the more technical portions of the mural. We have also, recently released a new social media advertisement to recruit additional volunteers.

Another great update! We have reconnected with one of the original authors of the Eyes of the Sun poem. He was one of the incarcerated youth that not only contributed to the poem, but made the commitment strive for greatness. He wants everyone to know that he is thankful for our communities faith in him and that he will not let us down. He will continue to stay positive and focus on his education.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Alex Johnson