Dear Community,

The response to our project has been truly overwhelming these last couple months. The outpouring of support and encouragement from you still comes daily as our plans continue to develop and come to fruition. A few weeks ago we posted a poll via the Festival Internationale website asking, “Would you be more or less willing to visit a food vendor who used compostable packaging?” With nearly 1,000 votes between Facebook and Instagram combined, a whopping 89% of you answered with a resounding YES!!! #monumental

Since funding night here’s how we’ve advanced our project:

– We partnered with EcoProducts to develop an online store for the food vendors to directly purchase their to-go containers with the “24HCP discount” already tabulated, effectively streamlining the ordering and delivery process

– We held a meeting with all of the 2020 food vendors explaining the project and process. Many of them had expressed interest in doing something like this prior but seemed like too much of an undertaking.

– We’ve held several calls and meetings with the FIL marketing team to build a full-scale campaign centered around Greening Festival (which will begin in just a few weeks).

– And lastly, and definitely my favorite news to share, we’ll have Green Festival pins available for purchase soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

This undertaking wouldn’t have been possible without the diligent work of our whole team, the staff at Festival Internationale, the investors who provided our funding, the 24HCP leaders and most importantly, you the community. Big things are coming! Glad to have you along for the ride.


Greening Festival