Dear Community,

Kids N Media is currently in the second month of classes! In January the topic was Introduction to Production. Based on the large number of students interested in December we decided to have the first class of the year in the Recreation area of the Clearport. Our intention was to allow more students to get an overview of the program. However, after this class we decided to go back to allowing 4-5 students in a classroom setting. The Recreation setting and large number of students seemed to be more of a distraction than a benefit. In the Intro to production class, students learned about the many positions that it takes to make a film happen. This was definitely an eye opener on job possibilities that could be open to them. In the second class they dove into filming techniques and then got their first assignment. Students were challenged with using what they learned to interview their peers at Clearport. They really enjoyed this part, as it allowed them to talk to students they normally didn’t interact with. The students used a cellphone without lighting or microphones. They are interested to see how the quality will improve after adding lighting and audio to the filming process. Currently, we have only utilized $150 on lighting and microphones. We pushed back the purchasing of camera equipment to February. This will utilize the bulk of our budget. We made a change to the schedule to allow for additional partnerships. Lighting classes will be in February and Storytelling is in March. We will be sharing Interview clips on Instagram and Facebook. Please look out for that information on our next update. Thank you for keeping up with our journey!


Team Kids N’ Media