Dear Community,

Let’s start with the good stuff! We were able to begin Lighting and Camera classes before quarantine. This was by far the student’s favorite class! I think it is because they created amazing selfies. In this class, students learned how to use lighting to reflect different moods and impact their storyline. Each student was responsible for using lightning provided to create a different mood/effect as their homework.

During the next class, Kids N Media students practiced teaching other Clearport students lighting techniques. It was interesting to see which student took the lead in teaching. It was also surprising to see who the students chose to teach. The teaching aspect was a great way for students to connect with one another.

Now for the not so great news. The quarantine has completely changed our timeline. The Clearport Learning Center closed along with all schools and after-school programing. We decided that teaching the classes online would take away significantly from the program and thought it best to adjust the timeline. We will not be able to finalize the new schedule until August 1, 2020. Our current plan is to pick up where we let off in July. If possible, we will try to make up a couple of classes in August.

We are looking forward to getting back together in July!

Raquel Henry