Dear Community,

As a team member of The EdD Series and program leader of G.O.T. I.T., it has been my pleasure to plan and prepare for several juniors and seniors at Northside High School. Our goal is to ensure we increase the number of students who graduate from Northside High School. We will achieve this goal by providing students with additional support through individualized teaching. Before school closure due to COVID-19, we were ready to serve over thirty students by recruiting teachers, contacting parents via email, phone, and mail, and having one-on-one meetings with students who were invited to Saturday Enrichment. We also planned with our local financial partners to receive additional funds and volunteers.

Although we were prepared to begin on Saturday, March 14, 2020, the programs scheduled dates were canceled due to COVID-19. While we were disappointed with school closure and the life-altering effects the coronavirus has had on our community, we are excited about re-launching G.O.T. I.T. in September. Our plan for G.O.T. I.T. includes student and school data review, restructuring of classroom sizes, purchasing P.P.E. supplies, and redesigning food distribution. More than ever, we feel G.O.T. I.T. is needed to reassure our community that we are unified in providing the educational resources necessary for our students to be successful within the K-12 classroom. As we continue to plan for the re-launch of G.O.T. I.T. we will strive to ensure the teaching is diverse to promote equity and equality while fostering empathy and emotion. As team members, we will eliminate bias that is found in lesson planning as we focus on giving students a voice.

Again, we are excited about the progress G.O.T. I.T. has made, and we look forward to serving our community and students to improve the high school graduation rate.

Brandi Clay
(Team Leader)