Dear Community,

It has been a rough year for many of us, but we made it through. Some of our team members left the group due to other pressing priorities and a few of us had COVID-19 at the end of the year. You may recall, our project decided to pivot away from the veggie “mobility” via the bike due to Covid concerns, and decided to continue providing an outlet for healthy produce during weekend food markets. Despite the difficulties, we were able to host markets most of the year twice a month. We were not able to host any markets in December or January because of COVID concerns, but we are resuming the markets on 02/13-14/2021 and will continue on the 2nd Saturday or Sunday and 3rd Saturday at the MCV Community House 419 12th St. Because of some of the concerns with COVID we have decided to host most of the markets at the community house with an open air atmosphere and at different locations in the community weather permitting.

We were able to pay it forward with 15 veggie bags, feed our neighbors locally and in Vinton, LA. It’s our hope to continue this journey to provide fresh produce to our community and to one day resuming going out with the veggie bike reaching more of the community. We would like to thank the community for supporting this adventure and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2021.
Trincella Bonnet
Veggie on the Go Team Leader