Dear Community,

Not much has changed since the last time we checked in. In our last update we shared our plan to restart classes in the next school year. The goal is to begin the first week of school. Our focus for this school year was to identify a new group of students with an interest in media. We have 4 students and plan to add 2-3 more before classes start.

We have decided to have students record smaller portions instead of a short documentary. This will allow them to record, edit and view a finished product in a shorter time frame. We believe this will help keep them engaged and increase the sustainability of the project. This will also help us avoid having an unfinished project due to instability some of the students face.

We still have funds remaining to purchase a Canon camera, a group subscription to AOC and Adobe subscription. These items will be purchased in the fall. Although we had to delay our project, we know it was the right choice. We are still excited to have the class done right. We look forward to sharing an update once classes begin.

Raquel Henry
Kids N Media Team Leader