Dear Community,

Although COVID caused us to have to greatly vary from our original plan, we are happy that we have still made progress in our fight against food insecurity in our neighborhood. Originally our project was focused around a mobile vegetable market powered by bicycle. But logistical issues related to COVID made that a difficult method of delivery. But we have shifted to a twice-monthly farmers market, providing locally grown produce. Those markets proved to have similar impact to our original idea.

Those markets have become an established fixture in the neighborhood. We have had the opportunity to provide fresh vegetables to those in need in our community. We also have developed the ability to provide “pop-up” veggie markets, often in conjunction with other events. All of our events are held in open-air format to help accommodate social distancing. While COVID presents a challenge to any activity to which you want to draw a crowd, we are happy that we have successfully adapted to the changing environment and circumstances.

The last of our budget will be spent on permanent signage for the market! We move forward with a new approach, but the same mission: to provide healthier food options to our community. Our thanks to everyone who has supported us on this adventure. We’re proud to have started the effort with you, and now will continue for (hopefully) years to come).

Trincella Bonnet
Veggie on the Go Team Leader