Dear Community,

As I mentioned during my prior Dear Community Letter, we were happy to announce that we successfully completed the GOT IT (Saturday School) program where we were able to provide a variety of educational programs to juniors and seniors. I also mentioned that we had remaining funds ($2,100) in the budget to spend on educational programs for the upcoming school year. To utilize the remaining funds, we’ve launched the “Building Literacy” program through The EdD Series. Details regarding the program are below:

The EdD Series Presents: Building Literacy
As an education non-profit, The EdD Series works with emerging organizations, schools, as well as stakeholders to improve the quality of education for minority students in low socioeconomic neighborhoods and schools. The EdD Series would like to work with J.W. Faulk Elementary School to promote student literacy and character development through the purchase of a children’s book for all students in grades Pre-K and Kindergarten. In addition to the purchase of the book, The EdD Series would like to involve prominent leaders in the Northside community to read the book(s) to each class as he/she encourages students to read.

The Objective: to increase literacy skills as well as students love for reading in grades Pre-K and Kindergarten.

The Plan: The EdD Series will provide all students in Kindergarten and Pre-K with a book to promote literacy skills as well as character development.

The Book: The following books have been chosen due to their content and reading level. Availability will determine which book(s) are chosen for purchase:

  1. All Are Welcome – Alexandra Penfold and Suzane Kaufman
  2. I am Human: A Book of Empathy – Susan Verde
  3. I Promise- Lebron James

The Cost: There will be no fee for the child nor the school. The book will be provided by The EdD Series to all students in grades Pre-K and Kindergarten

The Date and Time: We’re currently working out timelines, but will be determined soon by the principal at J.W. Faulk.

Thanks for your continued support, and we’ll continue to keep the community updated as things progress.

Dr. Brandi L. Clay
(Team Lead)