Dear Community,

We have been very busy since our last update! We were able to begin planning for our big day: August 20! Our kids are eager to get started and begin partnering with businesses to promote our lemonade stand. We will begin the entrepreneurship classes the week of June 13th during our summer program. One of the challenges we’ve run into is capacity within the club. Covid protocols restricted the number of youths we could have in the clubs. We hoped that the numbers would drop in time for us to open those restrictions a bit, but unfortunately, we have been unable to accept more youth into the club. Therefore, we have created a plan to rope in more youth serving organizations to include in the project. Within the next few weeks, we’ll meet with those organizations to get them onboard and select our team leaders. In the meantime, our club youth will begin designing our lemonade logo, creating a recipe, and identifying potential locations and organizations that could possibly receive the profits from the stand. Currently, we haven’t used any of the funds. We’ve adjusted the timeline to purchase materials during the months of May-July. That purchasing period will utilize the bulk of our budget. Stay tune for more updates! Thank you for keeping up with our journey as we connect youth and entrepreneurship to community improvement. Sincerely,

Team Lemonade