Dear Community,

The Seed Library is growing! We are still in awe of the magic that the 24 Hr. Citizen Project gave to us. Between our conversations with the experts, the community support, and the other amazing teams we are so excited to see what’s to come for all of us.

Since receiving the funding we’ve held various meetings to keep planning and moving forward. Most notably:

1. Took photos with the BIG Check with our committee and library staff to gain excitement.

2. Branding discussions

3. Formation of an expert Advisory Council

4. Picked out a cabinet to house the seeds.

5. Figured out processes for “checking out” the seeds.

6. Thanked the amazing backers! In the new year (how is it 2023, already?) we will begin to use the funding we so generously received from the backers at the 24HCP.

We can’t wait to update you again in February because by then we will have hopefully purchased the cabinet, seeds, and have a good understanding of where we need help and be deep in the planning of the launch in March. Our team would like to thank the 24HCP, the amazing backers and you for the support we received during the event and ongoing. We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.

Healthy Wishes,

Marissa Winters & the Healthy Acadiana Team