Dear Community,

From the entire Abby’s Acre organization, we sincerely thank everyone involved in the 24-Hour Citizen’s Project. From the flawless organization and execution of a fantastic event to the other teams inspiring everyone watching, and to the backers, without your generous donations and suggestions, none of this would have been possible. It was the best way for all of us to spend Veteran’s Day this year! We benefitted greatly from our coach and the panel of experts provided the night before our pitch! Although this program has been in the works for several months, this was exactly the push we needed to get it fully online and operational.

In the month since, we have been incredibly busy! We have built each of our designs in CAD and have streamlined our building process so we can build like we farm, with zero waste. Making sure the money awarded is used in the most efficient way possible. We have decided to hand-build every piece of the kit to provide our compatriots with the highest quality product possible. We are expecting to have our first full prototype built before the end of this year and have all the kits built and ready by the end of January!

The plan moving forward is to start reaching out to the veterans in our neighborhoods who we know would benefit from these, as well as work with the local VFW post to find those who we have not yet met. As discussed during our Q&A, we have started our planning process to make these kits available to the public, as well as start offering classes veterans can attend to teach carpentry skills and provide the materials for them to build kits of their very own! Our goal is to offer this by the 2nd quarter of 2024.