Dear Community,

Hello again everyone! We have exciting news from the Abby’s Acre team. We have completed all the kits and have started distributing them! We have given our first one to a gulf war era veteran here in Freetown! We have 4 more scheduled this week to 2 post 9/11 army vets and 2 Vietnam vets. We are also talking to the HERO program in Opelousas to receive several kits after we have given the initial 15 to put on their campus.

We have had our share of difficulties throughout this process. We had 3 different rebuilds after having some issues with our initial designs, as well as finding it difficult to find veterans who are interested in this program. Through our growing network of veterans we have had a recent spike in interest. One of the biggest challenges is coordinating installation of the garden and the boxes. Fortunately we have several volunteers available to help me install these!

The biggest change to our design is the change from a wooden vermicomposter to a plastic one. We had continuing issues with the wooden boxes leaking even with plastic liners. Although its not the most eco friendly option. We feel that the ease and convenience will encourage people to continue using it.

We are excited to grow this program over the summer and offer these kits all over Acadiana! Thanks again for your continued support. We’ll be tagging you our upcoming B6 posts!