Tell Me More Update #1

Tell Me More Update #1

Dear Community, 

We were so thrilled for everyone’s support for this impactful project. Elsa has secured the Acadiana Center for the Arts auditorium for the Tell Me More performance on April 3, 2019. We look forward to developing and presenting a unique piece of art to the community on that day.  

A key component of Tell Me More is the regular conversations between youth and law enforcement facilitated by trained artists. Elsa has recruited some artists and we are finalizing a list of facilitators. We are also finishing up plans to recruit officers and youth. Officers will be recruited from Lafayette Police Department, and youth will be recruited from Northside High School.

One deviation from our timeline is a shortening of the number of dialogue sessions. Originally, we envisioned 26 weekly sessions over a 6 month time period. This will be shortened significantly to 10 sessions beginning in early 2019. The final stages of planning have taken longer than originally anticipated. We remain confident that we can build rapport between participants and create an artistic event in the revised timeline.

Tell Me More welcomes community participation. In anyone is interested in volunteering to assist in this project, please contact us. 


Holly Howat and Elsa Dimitriadis
(Team Leaders)