Dear Community,

As you may recall, I am the team leader for the Pop-Up Kids Theater, a theatrical program for at-risk children ages 6-12 in the Lafayette area. Things for this project are moving along despite my teammate, Shannon Miller, who has moved out of the area. The good news though is that he is continuing to help with promoting the program within the theater community in the Lafayette through social media outlets.
I have created a Facebook page for Pop-up Kids theater and acquired the domain name for a website. It is in the early stages of development. The website will legitimize our program when we begin community outreach. In an effort to secure a location, I have contacted Girard Park and am working with Melissa Dalcour and Ronnie Chaisson. We are working on getting several options to lower the cost of an indoor space at either Girard Park, Domingue Recreation Center or the George Dupuis Centers. Our projected completion date remains February 1, 2018.

I also attended the Create Summit that was held in August 2017, and shared the idea with attendees in hopes to recruit volunteers. I made contacts with the following people, who are interested in volunteering and promoting the program:

Daniel Ladmirault from Cite des Art
Sarah Mikayla Brown, founder of Silverbacks Improv
Bree Sargent, Education Director of ACA
Cece Cole, artist and educator
Dennis and Kerrie Skerrett, local teachers
Dayna Haynie, artist and art therapist
Blaze Petersen (volunteer)
Rona Landry and daughter Cainwyn Landry (volunteer)
Julia D. Moroux (volunteer)
Trudy Heflin (volunteer)

And lastly, I have partnered with AOC and their field reporters will be taping the program for all 6 events and promoting the show on AOC’s Community message board. It will be broadcasted thru AOC TV channels. We’ve already begun collecting boxes, containers, paints and other items for costume and set design, and we’re about to begin writing the first script in mid-November 2017. Thanks for following my project, and huge thanks (again!) to all the backers that have supported us along the way. I have much more work to be done, and will keep the community updates as we make progress.

Danielle Moroux (Team Leader)