Dear Community,
I am pleased to present this update for Pop-Up Kids Theater, a theatrical program for at-risk children ages 6-12 in the Lafayette area. The Facebook page is created, published and now active under the name PopUp Kids Theater. After some consideration, I decided to table the website for now and just concentrate on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram.
We will have forms available for Media Permission from all children that will be represented in the project. The AOC team will be video-taping some of the shows for TV viewing.
I have been in negotiations with Melissa Dalcour from Girard Park. Our original plan was to utilize Girard Park as a  starting place for the project. After discussion with the park, the cost of a room for one morning from 9am-12pm would be $400 (which is at a discounted rate). I have decided that is way too much money for our budget right now.
That said, I decided to explore other options. I met with Kristine Newman, a founder of New Hope Development Center of Acadiana ( )on January 19, 2018. Along with her husband John, they have created a tutoring center for at risk children. They also have a summer program beginning in June for 6 weeks. After touring the Center and meeting with Kristine, I have decided to introduce the PopUp Kids Theater to the summer program starting this June 2018. We will meet every Friday from 9am-12pm as part of their summer program. This is a good fit for our project and the New Hope Center. This will keep our cost down and be able to concentrate on the project itself, bringing the arts to kids! We are excited about this partnership and I think this will help with both of our successes.
Huge thanks to Butch Roussel for the introduction to New Hope! I continue to be in contact with the volunteers and plan a meeting in early March to discuss our progress. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out through our Facebook page:
Thank you,
Danielle Moroux (Team Leader)