Dear Community,

Here is the update for our Pop Up Kids Theatre for June 2018. Since partnering with the New Hope Development Center, I have been able to reach the target audience and bring this new type of theater as part of their summer program. They have made it easier for me and my team of volunteers to reach this audience and work through some of the logistics such as Media permission forms that have already been signed by each child that attends the summer camp; an existing web site in which we can showcase our productions; a place to store and keep our materials; and an area inside the center that we can perform the plays so we don’t have to be outside in the elements. We are very excited about this!

We have a schedule starting June 15 running from 12:30-3:30pm for our first production, which will be the book, Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. Shows June 22, July 13 and July 20th are still being worked on. We want to tailor the production in line with each weeks subjects defined by the New Hope Center. Which are as follows:

  • Week 1 June 15th – forgiveness/respect (football)
  • Week 2 June 22nd – wisdom (football)
  • Week 3 July 13th – generosity/self-discipline (baseball)
  • Week 4 July 20th – gratitude (gymnastics/ballet)

The production of Runaway Bunny will present the topic of respect for your Mom. If you have ever read the book it is about a little bunny that wants to run away from home and explore the world but every time he tries his Mom will always be by his side, so he decides in the end to stay in her loving arms until he becomes a rabbit.

I am still working on getting AOC film warriors to video tape the show. They will probably be there for the last show.

I have collected boxes from Brown’s furniture store and have already built a boat for the first show. Carey Hamburg, a local set designer, has donated pre-built sets such as a tree stump that we can use for our backdrops. He also has donated boxes and other materials that he has collected over the years. I am very grateful for his generosity.

I am working on finishing the script for the first show. It will not be an exact wording from the book but an adaptation. I am spending some of the $2000 on paint, brushes, scissors, paper, glue, tape, sheets and refreshments, which will include cheese, fruit and 100% fruit juice. I am purchasing these items at Dollar stores to keep the costs down.

I have 3 volunteers for our first show: Michael LeBlanc, Connie Horton and Allie Rosen. I working on recruiting more people as we go along. I am working with everyone’s summer vacation schedules. This is has been a real learning experience for me. I have had some difficulties in recruiting volunteers and I hope in the future I can get a strong list of people that will want to help out. Also working on my own has been a challenge. I want to succeed at this and need to reach out to the right people!

Thank you,
Danielle Moroux (Team Leader)