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Project Description

The Healthy Acadiana Seed Library is a free program committed to increasing our community’s ability to feed ourselves wholesome food by offering seeds and education. Through the time-honored tradition of seed saving we celebrate biodiversity, nurture locally adapted plant varieties, and foster community resilience, self-reliance, and a culture of sharing.

The Seed Library operates on the honor system. You become a member automatically when you withdraw seeds to plant. We will encourage all members to save their seeds, donate them back to the library, and repeat.

Project Details

Team Leader: Angela Morrison
Funded Date: November 5, 2022
Amount: $2,000
Location: Lafayette, LA



(% completed since funding)


Dear Community Letters

Project Updates

Healthy Acadiana Seed Library Update # 2

Healthy Acadiana Seed Library Update # 2

Dear Community,  Team Seed Library checking in again to update you on our progress! With every intention of sounding cheesy- the SEED that was planted at our Healthy Acadiana Coalition meeting back in June of 2022 has really GROWN! We can’t thank all of you...

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Healthy Acadiana Seed Library Update #1

Healthy Acadiana Seed Library Update #1

Dear Community, The Seed Library is growing! We are still in awe of the magic that the 24 Hr. Citizen Project gave to us. Between our conversations with the experts, the community support, and the other amazing teams we are so excited to see what’s to come for all of...

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