Dear Community,

As you may recall during the 24 Hour Citizen Project, our immediate push following the event was to obtain musical instruments through drives and donations. Since then, we’ve learned that a musical instrument drive is not the best way to obtain donated instruments. The best way is to personally reach out to friends and acquaintances and obtain the instruments my making appointments directly with them. That said, since funding during the 24 Hour Citizen Project, Team MIBrary raised an additional $700 at a benefit concert in September held at Artmosphere. The Al Berard Foundation also donated $2000 to the project. Team MIBrary now has approximately $8000 to spend on musical instruments.

In November 2017, Team MIBrary held a musical instrument donation drive at Downtown Alive! Although we received no donations, we were able to get the word out to the public about our cause. Through efforts of the team members, we have acquired 5 musical instruments (2 keyboards; 3 electric guitars) to start our musical instrument library. Each member has a goal to acquire 5 instruments, making it a total of 20 donated instruments. We will then spend our funds on additional instruments not obtained through donations. Once all instruments have been donated, we will work with the Downtown Library to set up shop! We’ve been updating the library of our progress, and to date, have not spent any funds awarded during the 24 Hour Citizen Project.

Ryan Cazares (Team Leader)