Veggie On The Go

Project Description

The goal  of the “Veggie on the Go” is to provide fresh, healthier food options to residents of food desert areas in North Lafayette, including McComb-Veazey, LaPlace, Fightingville, Freetown and other neighborhoods. Our project seeks to address the food insecurity found across our community causing many to live within food deserts. We plan to sell the produce grown and acquired from the McComb Veazy farm, Earth Share Garden, local growers and if needed from other local produce stands in the area. Our goal is to offer healthy food options with recommendations of menus and healthy lifestyle changes. 

We plan to partner our veggie bike with other food entrepreneurs in the community. To bring better access to resources to improve the health of the residents we interact with at the pop-ups.  We plan to host veggie pop-ups in the community due to limited access to grocery stores or healthy food options such as restaurants, juice bars, etc. To lower the barrier on purchasing veggies, the Veggie on the Go project plans to accept cash, credit card, or EBT card. We will also develop a system to allow those who don’t have the means to pay for their vegetables.

Some of our initial partners plan to use the veggie acquired for distribution in special pop-up menus and help create healthier lifestyles by providing nutritional facts and recipes. We want this project to be a catalyst for a new food movement in North Lafayette. One that builds an equitable workforce and open new doors for social entrepreneurs both young and old to get their produce or products directly to customers who need them.

Project Details

Team Leader: Trincella Bonnet
Funded Date: November 9, 2019
Funding Amount: $3,000
Location: Lafayette, LA



(% completed since funding)


Dear Community Letters

Project Updates

Veggies on the Go Update #5

Dear Community, Although COVID caused us to have to greatly vary from our original plan, we are happy that we have still made progress in our fight against food insecurity in our neighborhood. Originally our project was focused around a mobile vegetable market powered...

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Veggies on the Go Update #4

Dear Community, It has been a rough year for many of us, but we made it through. Some of our team members left the group due to other pressing priorities and a few of us had COVID-19 at the end of the year. You may recall, our project decided to pivot away from the...

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Veggies on the Go Update #3

Dear Community, Our project had to be put on hold because of COVID as we felt it was necessary to avoid close contact with our customers. With our Governor opening Phase II, we took the opportunity to host the 1st Sunday Produce, but unfortunately, weather cancelled...

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Veggies on the Go Update #2

Dear Community, We have been very busy on our project. We were able to get a vendors trike and a bike trailer custom made but had to buy material to close the wall and floor and we were able to stay within the budget. Everyone who saw the trike and the bike trailer...

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Veggie On The Go Update #1

Dear Community, We at Veggies on the Go are hard at work with our project. Everything is flowing smoothly except for the bike and trailer. We could not find a bike and trailer within our budget so I did some research and found a gentleman in New Orleans who's custom...

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